The Mystery of Saint Francis’ Tomb

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The mystery of Saint Francis’ Tomb >Tomb or Sarcophagus?


> Why did Brother Elias want to bury Francis’ body without witnesses, concealing it so well that it took 600 years to find it?

> What is the encrypted message of the objects Brother Elias placed around the mortal remains of St. Francis?
> Why has it never been decoded?
> Why have the ring and the 29 beads (17 made of ebony and 12 of amber) of the wreath placed at the feet of the Saint from Assisi been taken away or got lost, just like all documents and the secret archive of Brother Elias?
> What happened to the
12th silver coin?

> What happened to the piece of iron and the stem of an ear of wheat placed at his feet near the ring with the cornelian stone?

> Have they all gone lost or intentionally missing or hidden from profane eyes?
> Was Saint Francis a Templar Knight, initiated by Count Gentile delle Fonti ?
> Was he initiated during his stay in Egypt – just like Renè de Chateaubriand, a French Ambassador – to the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre with the sword of Godfrey of Bouillon, kept in the Sacristy of the Friars Minor Monastery in Jerusalem?
> Had Saint Francis been recognized and accepted as a SUFI Master, as the White Habit would suggest, together with the horn, and the ivory sticks given to him as a present by the Sultan of Egypt MaliK -al  Kamil and now on display in the Relics Chapel near his tomb?

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